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Flooding on the Lower Rouge River today

Flooded section of Lower Rouge River Trail

I made the “mistake” of taking my camera with me on my walk this morning at the Lower Rouge River Trail.  Took a bunch of pics, but barely covered a mile.  I’ll never hit my fitness goals if I keep that up!  I haven’t been through all the shots yet, but so far I’m pretty excited about how they turned out!  In the pic above, the sun broke through in a narrow strip at just the right moment.  Amazing how the clouds blowing by overhead changed the mood of the scene from moment to moment.  For example, compare the shot above to the one below.  There were taken sequentially – maybe a minute apart (if that).  While they are processed slightly differently, I think mostly the difference is the reflection in the floodwaters.  Only 2-3 minutes after the first shot, I was getting blue sky.  Fun to shoot landscapes when the scene is changing so quickly!

Rouge River flooded the trail in this section

Lower Rouge River flooded the trail in this section

All three of the shots above came within a couple minutes of each other.

A couple more shots from this morning are below.  The first shot one was my first of the morning of the morning – aside from a failed attempt to stop my truck on the access road coming into the park and get my camera out in time to shoot 5-6 deer crossing in front of me.  The last shot in the post, is one of my final shots of the day, and happy to say what you see is straight out of the camera – no post-processing required.  :)

First car into the park this morning! :)

First car into the park this morning! :)

Snowy gate near Lower Rouge River Trail

Rusty gate near Lower Rouge River Trail


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