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Chainsaw carving in the park

This tree was magnificent against the blue sky, but there was a "porta-potty" right in front of it! Arlene suggested getting underneath for a shot sans outhouse.

Was back at Lower Rouge River trail last Weekend.  Saturday the township organized a unique little art festival.  There were artists selling and demonstrating techniques for Raku pottery, as well as chainsaw carving.  Talk about a niche!   It was *very* small — two food vendors, and 5 artists, I think… four of them chainsaw artists.  Some pretty amazing creations, though.


Chainsaw pumpkin at Lower Rouge River Trail

There was also a Home Depot tent set up where Julianna and Josh built little tool boxes, which they used to carry around their favorite leaves that they found during the day.


Josh finishing up his tool box

After getting lunch from the Tim and Sally’s booth, we walked through the forest for about 20 minutes before heading back to the truck.


Lunch from Tim and Sally's food booth at the park

Josh and Juju carrying the favorite leaves they found

A great day to be out in the park, though.  Sections of the forest were just starting to hit their peak color.  Came back Sunday morning for a few shots with better light — but that’s another post!


Here’s Julianna, Joshua, and Arlene showing off their favorite leaves back at the trailhead.


Julianna's favorite leaves

Joshua's favorite leaves

Arlene's favorite leaves

Arlene's favorite leaves

For a differnet kind of chainsaw pumpking carving, see the link below.  I do miss Fremont!



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