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Fall flowers

Saw these fall wildflowers in my neighborhood this morning

Spring is usally the season people think of for flowers. There are a lot of great wildflowers that bloom in the fall, though.  Grabbed a couple shots this morning while walking around my neighborhood.  No idea what these are… does anyone know?

More fall wild flowers in the neighborhood

Before Arlene and I went out on our walk this morning, I noticed a this beautiful warm light cutting across the backyard as the sun peeked over the houses.  I’m hankering to get a full frame camera and wide angle lens, but until that day comes I need to composite multiple images together to get something like a wide field of view.  The shot below is a composite of 13 images.  Windows Live Photo Gallery does a remarkable job of stitching photos together across wide range of exposures, and blending them into a reasonable image.  I tweaked the exposure and coloring of this image a bit to bring it closer to how it looked in real life.  If it looks a little warm and saturated, it was even more so “live”.

Sun peaking over the houses about 7:30 this morning


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