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Josh at Relay for Life
I love this shot of Josh at Relay for Life, 2008.  Although it looks like he’s tipping his cap to me in classic baseball fashion, something quite different is actually going on here.

He was still on the young side of 2 years old, and had an absolutely fantastic time running around and rolling in the grass.  Even though he was having fun, he was not terribly interested in letting me take pictures of him.  And getting him to show a “natural looking” smile just wasn’t happening.

Then I stumbled on a neat game for us to play.  I’m pretty sure the best part of his day.  He would take his hat and try to throw it so that it landed on my head.  It was so unbelievably fun, that he couldn’t *stop* smiling.  Basically, I could just kneel there with my camera and he would toss the hat toward me as I snapped off shots… all the while filled with more glee and excitement than any “grown up” could likely muster.  Amazing.

He doesn’t remember this day.  I doubt I’ll forget it.

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