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Roasting peeps

We grilled some steaks last night, and one of our little traditions is to roast marshmallows over the remaining coals after dinner.  Since we just had Easter last weekend, we still had some peeps around (you know, the bird-shaped marshmallowy Easter treats).  I should tell you, I’m not much of a peeps fan.    The kids like them, though.  And we all thought it would be fun to add peeps to the regular marshmallow-roasting menu. 
Julianna is just getting started with this little peep in the pic above.  I don’t have a good shot of an "after roating" peep, but I can tell you the sugar crystals carmalize and the little birds get soft and squishy, and melty — oozing down toward the coals and dripping off the roasting stick in a gooey blob.  The taste improvement comes from the carmalizing, but there’s a perverse sort of fun that comes from watching the peep dissolve.  Smile

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