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Driving Scandanavia, inspired by Uncle and Ray and Aunt Kitty’s Amsterdam pics

Ok… I know Amsterdam is not really considered part of Scandanavia… bear with me a moment whil eI explain.  Smile  Uncle Ray and Aunt Kitty put some pic from Amsterdam up recently…  very pretty!  Had no idea what Amsterdam looked like.  My favorite shot showed the trees hanging over one of the canals.

The pics got me thinking about what part of the Netherlands Amsterdam is in, and how close it was to Denmark… where some colleagues I met 18 months ago are located (a small company called Content Technologies are located).  This, in turn, reminded me of a week I spent in Gothenburg, Sweden, at a Volvo plant when I worked for Ford Motor Company (it was a dark and cold late November!).  My day dreaming also took me back to my time in grad school at the University of Washington.  The b-school there had an exchange program with another university in Bergen, Norway, and the what I heard from a student who spent a quarter there is that Bergen was a very nice place. 

Finally, I wondered what it would be like to fly into Amsterdam, rent a car, and drive from Amsterdam to Bergen.  I always wanted Arlene and the kids to see Gothenburg, so I’d probably take a route something like this: . 

Looks like 3 days worth of driving at a comfortable pace.  Add in a 2 days to fly back and forth, and 5 days of site seeing for a 10 day trip.  So here’s the question:  where to spend those 5 days?  Any suggestions? 



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