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The end of my Flickr site?

Well, I quite like Flickr… so it’s sad to me that I may not be using it much longer.  I started using Flickr because they have a deal with AT&T U-Verse service where I can see pics I post on Flickr on my TV via the cable box.  Cool!  Not only that, but my AT&T subscription gives me a "Pro" account at Flickr, which means i can post as many pics as I like.  Unfortunately, that deal is between AT&T and Flickr is now off — and starting in February or so my Pro account at Flickr will just be a regular account.  I’m not sure, but I suspect that means the deal to let me see my pics on my tv will likely be off, too.  Bummer.  With a regular account, and especially if the pics are not available via my TV, I don’t think Flickr is nearly as compelling for me. 
Good news — Windows Live "Wave 3" is rolling out… this means many things, and if you poke around Windows Live family of properties much you can see it’s tremendously improved.  One of those improvements is pics can be posted at higher quality.  (Note: most of the pics I have posted are relatively low image quality/size, but going forward I will be posting better quality pics.)  Also, there’s a very nice new slideshow capability I like a lot.  Give it a try with my photos!  Smile

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