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Merry Christmas!

We just crossed the Columbia River on the way to Nana’s house as I type.  Josh and Juju were very excited to go across the big bridge and see the great big river.  In general, there excited about everything right now because we’re only a 20 minutes from Nana’s house so the anticipation and excitement is so strong it’s spilling over to everything to else. 

We had a great time the last few days at Lola and Lolo’s house — we opened presents late last night, and then Santa came after everyone went to bed, so we had more presents to open this morning.  Lot’s of fun for everyone.  :-) 

After the kids went to bed, Kenny and I had our traditional holiday Madden Football extravaganza.  We’ve been doing it virtually every year since John Madden started making football games — sometime in the mid-90’s, as I recall.  We must be getting old, as we only played until 2:00am. 

For those keeping score, we had a couple of the best games we’ve ever played.  In the first, I tied things up with a TD with only 19 seconds to play, went for 2 and made the conversion to pull ahead 50 to 49.  I didn’t feel smug, but rather worried that I left too much time on the clock.  It was just one of those games where anything could happen.  Sure enough, Kenny ran the kickoff back for a TD to win the game 56-50.  Wheh – still a great game!  

I won a hard fought game in our second match, getting a bit of luck along the way as a computer-controlled player tackled Ken inside the 1 yard line at the end of the half denying him a TD — and dramatically changing the character of the game.  In our final match, I eeked out a 37-35 victory and won the evening 2 games to 1.  For the all time series, I’d estimate something like 600 wins for Ken, and about 50 for me, so we may be dead before the series evens up.  :-) 

It’s been snowing a good chunk of the drive from Tacoma, and I thought Oregon might have missed the snow given that it’s a few hours south of our starting point today.  Not so — it’s snowing at this moment, and the ground is dusty with snow flakes yet to melt. 

Well, we should see Nana in a few minutes, and we hope to get some pics up soon, too.   Merry Christmas everyone!


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