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Julianna started Kindergarten this week

Yesterday was Julianna’s first day of Kindergarten.  It was only a half-day yesterday, and perhaps that was the reason she didn’t get a chance to deliver the speech she prepared to mark the occasion.  She did give me permission to post it here, thouigh:
"Hello, my name is Julianna.  I am 5 years old, and I am SO excited to start Kindergarten!" 
Short, and to the point, I would say.  :-) 
Today was her first full-day, and so far, she’s decided that she likes school.  They have nice, round monkey bars (although, a little bit slippery) and today they also got to have Gym class.  This afternoon, she had her first Chinese class (normally she has a Chinese immersion class in the afternoon and English immersion in the morning), and she was surprised to learn what her Chinese name will be.  Any guesses?  Juju.  Really.  So that’s great — that’s her English nickname, too, so that will make things easy for everyone!  She also learned to say "hello" and write the characters for big and small. 
Good stuff.  We’re very excited for her.  And for Josh.  As soon as he turns 2 and 1/2 — in a few weeks — he’ll be starting pre-school two days/week.  Everyone’s excited about that, too.  :-)  He’ll attend the same pre-school Julianna did, and this means he’s had lots of opportunities to get used to the environment, teachers, and other kids.  The real test will be how he reacts when he gets dropped off to stay all day.  Keep your fingers crossed! 

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