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View from Hong Kong…

Not my view, but my brother Jim’s view.  This pic was taken out the living room window of his new apartment.  Can’t wait to see it in person!


Updated with a description from Jim:

It’s actually even better in the daylight, you can see the mountain about 100m from our window — not much of a sea view unfortunately, some of our colleagues look out over Repulse or Deepwater Bays — on a clear day, they have incredible views.  Another thing that surprised me was how different the separate parts of HK are — and I’m talking about HK Island, not including Kowloon and New Territories.  If you drive about 20 minutes from our apt., you can be in Stanley, which is like a little beach front town.  Lots of restaurants, low rise buildings, people strolling along the boardwalk.  They say the pollution is bad, but we haven’t experienced it yet, and compared to Beijing or Shanghai, I am sure it is not so bad.


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