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Back On The Road…

We got a late start today and ended up heading out of Boston just after 5pm… also known as "rush hour".  Not ready to go home yet and get back to the grindstone, but I guess that’s the way it is with vacations.  The first five miles took about an hour, so at least we can say we experienced "Boston traffic".  Since then, traffic has been moving pretty well.  It’s 8:42pm now, and we’re just pulling into a service plaza off of I-90 in western Massachusettes about 5-10 miles from the New York border for some dinner. 

Everyone’s hungry, and the kids are controlling their appetites with a lifesaver or two.  


Arlene has been driving over three hours now.  Time to switch! 

After a dinner at McDonald’s John took over driving duties, and we’ve gone as far as Schenectedy.  I think we could make Binghamton, which was the original plan. We decided to do the Binghamton drive in the morning as the map says the next couple hours are a "Scenic Byway" — so hopefully it will be a pretty drive and worth adding two more hours to tomorrow’s already long agenda. 

It’s almost midnight now, and we’re actually in a little town called Rotterdam.  Not sure what’s in town here, but we did discover that the there are a lot of folks hanging out at the Dunkin’ Donuts… so maybe that’s a clue!  :-) 


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