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The Statue of the Three Lies

Another graduation this year — Jim is graduating from the Kennedy School of Govt. at Harvard.  On Tuesday we went by the Old Harvard Yard and saw the "Statue of the Three Lies". 

The inscription is a bit hard to read so I had took a closer pic.

In the likely event you still can’t read it all, it says: 

John Harvard



It’s called the "Statue of the Three Lies" because none of those things are actually tue.  Harvard was not founded in 1638 (1636, I think), John Harvard was not the founder (he was an early benefactor), and the statue is not of John Harvard (there were no pics or paintings so they had to make something up for the statue)! 

What was the Harvard motto again?  Oh yeah, Veritas!  :-) 

We’ve had a great time in Cambridge.  Jim and Tzu-i are fantastic hosts, and we’d love to stay longer.  Sadly, we have to hit the road tomorrow, but there’s much more to post and I’ll try to get more up as soon as possible.      


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