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Tanner’s graduation from Bard

Had a great time seeing everyone at Tanner’s graduation: Uncle Ray, Aunty Kitty, Tanner, and Spencer, of course, and also Uncle Dennis, Aunty Ellen, Rich, and Grandma.  Both the barbecue and breakfasts were fun! 

The ceremony was appropriately short, but we were literally first in line to get a good seat — which meant about 4 hours under the big top.  Thankfully, the weather was great — not too hot, not raining.  Even so, I think this pic sums up the wait pretty acurately.  :-)  (Thanks to Rich for taking this pic with his camera phone!)

See more pics of the beautiful Hudson River Valley, graduation festivities, fireworks, family, and friends in the "Tanner Graduation" photo album. 

Thanks everyone! 


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