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What a week!

Wheh!  This week started well with news that our Condo — that we’ve been trying to sell for 13 months was about to get it’s second offer.  Came home from work early Monday to hear the offer.  Sadly, it was low-ball offer.  We decide to sleep on it, and countered the next day.  Then, came home early to sign papers.  The offer was accepted, so we’re finally on our way to getting the condo off our hands!  (Of course, the deal’s not closed yet, so if anyone still wants some vacation property in the beautiful Ann Arbor suburbs, you can still make a secondary offer!  :-)   )

Thursday was Julianna’s fifth birthday!  Had a party at home, with cake and ice cream, after a dinner at Red Robin. Lot’s of fun.  Arlene stayed up late the night before and strung lots of streamers and blew up about 25 balloons.  When Julianna woke up, the house was decorated all over!  A great treat for Juju, and she loved it!  

Then, on Friday we discovered that the cold Arlene’s been fighting for a month has progressed to pneumonia.  It’s a miracle I was able to talk her into going to the doctor, but glad she went so now this news can be more incentive for her to take it easy for a while — and hopefully get better soon.  :-) 

On Saturday, Arlene’s brother Myron and his wife Steph came into town from Orlando to help celebrate Julianna’s birthday.  We didn’t get to see them at Christmas time, so it’s been a while since we’ve seen them and it’s a lot of fun having them here.  :-) 

Sunday (today), we had a birthday party for Julianna that she invited a bunch of friends to.  She chose 13 kids from her school and dance studio to invite, and 11 were able to come!  Julianna was very excited to get such great turnout.  Everyone met at Chuck E. Cheese, ate Pizza and cake, and had a good time playing games.  Myron and Steph were a huge help keeping an eye on the kids and the party rolling.  :-)  If you want any pics from the party, we’ve uploaded them all here.  

Josh is completely obsessed with Cars,  as in the movie.  He got the movie for Christmas, and now wants to watch it about 4 times a day!  He’s talking more and more, and loves everything Julianna does — just on princple, I think!  He, like Juju, is a huge joy! 

Also, uploaded a few pics from Christmas, as well as Julianna’s birthday, today.  Take a look!  


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