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A couple of firsts…

The first first, is that I finally got Vista loaded on my Acer laptop I got from work.  I put Windows Vista Ultimate, x64 on Friday, and then spent a fair bit of Friday and some of today locating, downloading, and installing drivers for my Acer Ferrari 4000. A pain to be sure, as the Acer site reportedly doesn’t have the drivers.  I say reportedly because I couldn’t actually load the driver download section of their site — they appeared to be having performance problems.  I did find a friend with a Ferrari 5000 who had recently suffered through the same struggle and he put me in touch with one of his friends who posted the 5000 drivers on a private FTP site for me.  Long story short, it’s not all working yet, but I have audio and full touchpad functionality now.  Bluetooth, SD reader, the hardware "launch manager" button, and audio all work now.  The bluetooth mouse that came with the machine still does not.  It’s a huge mouse, so I may just skip that and use my other wireless mouse. 

The second first is that this is my first post using Windows LiveWriter. It’s a client application that lets me write my posts offline or online.  I suspect I’ll be finding some nice features, and maybe a couple I don’t care for, and will let you know how it goes.  For now, I’m just 5 minutes into it and so far so good! 

This pic here is a sample pic that came with Windows Vista.  I’m inserting it here to test the LiveWriter image insert function.  Let me know how it works! 

Last but not least, about the Acer laptop — I must say I don’t care for the keyboard much — I don’t like the one on my Toshiba that much either, but for different reasons.  On the Acer, it’s the keyboard feel — too soft, and the keys are too flat so it’s hard to know where your fingers are on the keyboard without looking.  (On the Toshiba, it was mostly a key layout issue for me).  I do love how fast it loads up.  I’ll probably start using this machine more.  I will definately miss the tablet functions on the Toshiba, but the performance seems pretty good.  Frankly, on paper they should be similar, but the Toshiba doesn’t hold a candle to the Acer.  Add in the fact that I’ve areadly been through one Toshiba M400 system board, and appear to need another given the increasingly frequent system freezes, and I just don’t have many nice comments about the Toshiba.  Which is a real shame, since it looks to be exactly what I would want on paper.  I really want the Toshiba to be better than it is.  In reality, after 2 days use, the Acer appears to blow it away. 


2 responses

  1. OMT

    I have the M400.  I would like to drop it off the roof. It takes a good 5 minutes to start, and about twice a week it freezes.  And it’s brand new.  I wish microsoft would move away from them.

    January 11, 2007 at 9:49 pm

  2. John

    I feel your pain.  until I got a new system board, my would freeze about 2-6x/day.  Obviously, ridiculous.  Once the board was replaced, that mostly stopped (still happens occasionally, and seems to be getting worse).  The roof is a good idea.  I used to fanticize about elevator shafts, myself. 

    January 22, 2007 at 1:07 am